Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evening Rest

I have been painting this week, if only for the bin...... been practising the way colour merges on the paper without first mixing the desired colour in my palette. Done studies of cockerels as well as my "gift' I'm doing for a friend. I'll post it once I have given it to her!

One I did this afternoon without a preliminary sketch was quite fun to do, but I feel I could have chosen a better composition. Not all that thrilled with it......!. I was trying to create an evening glow on a lake with a heron settling down for the evening.

Evening Rest

I'm off to a private Nature Reserve for the weekend so I'll be a bit scarce till Sunday. Hopefully I'll be able to take wonderful photographs of the wonderful wildlife that roam around in the Reserve..... always waiting for 'that' special moment to capture 'that' ultimate pose, which is not always easy in the wild. But I'll take my sketchbook with too, to record notable moments of light and scenery.
Till then..........

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raena said...

Thank you so much for that sweet email! I'm glad you stopped by; I had to come see who you were and wow! you have some great work here! I've spent quite a while going through your blog, and I've picked up some great tips along the way! I'll definitely be back!