Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life through Artists Eyes!

Cam ~  sketch of a little cutie-pie

Something got me thinking the other day which intrigued me. I was wondering why artists see the world around them differently?. Why do they see things non-artists don't see?. Is it something they are taught or is it just inherent in them as artists?.That's really fascinating and as someone who wasn't always a visual artist, I've definitely found myself looking at the whole picture more and more. I have had no formal training but it's just something that seemed relevant to my work. Have I subconsciously taught myself to look for things like form, textures, light & colours other than the actual picture.

Ravi Vora, a Creative Director with a degree in advertising , summed it up quite simply... we can teach ourselves to observe things in order to release our creativity.

So, all the artists reading this, have a look around you and see if you can seperate the observations of an object or picture from assumptions.