Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Under the sea Treasures

Well, I'm having a break from painting mini paintings for my upcoming Open Day at the end of the month. The other night I was just splashing around with three colour pigments and salt on a scrap of paper I had left over from the full page I had. I let it dry overnight and was surprised the next morning to see how it had dried. I'm sorry that I didn't take photos of the different stages I painted - as you would have been amazed at what it looked like before I added structure to it. Not knowing what I was going to do with this sheet of paper, I put it away.

Finally, I found shapes that looked like a reef in a way..... fishes eyes and coral shapes appeared out of nowhere. So I set about creating an underwater theme using all the negative shapes to make it look a bit realistic I thoroughly enjoyed painting this although it took me ages to capture the scene, making sure that it didn't end up looking like I had stuck the subjects on paper. I tend to work quickly and like to finish paintings within a few hours normally, but I found this particularly therapeutic and didn't want it to finish!

Love to hear what you think, also how many little creatures can you find?