Monday, October 18, 2010

My sincere Apologies

I extend my sincere apologies for the accidental removal of your comments in some of my posts. Not too sure what I was thinking when Blogger asked me to clear away some spam mail...... and without thinking, deleted a whole page from my detection page. That was so silly and now I've lost some of your wonderful comments. I feel awful about it and hope you will accept my humble apologies for this stupid error! You feed back is always very welcome and most valuable to me.

Hugs to you all

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Gentle Giant

Had a bit of a challenge going with a friend this week. He mentioned to me that he wanted to paint an elephant in gouache. Strange thing was, that I had been breezing through some of my photos for inspiration earlier that same day and came across one of an elephant I wanted to paint. I had told him about it and he said we should set ourselves a challenge... just for fun. I felt a bit intimidated that he suggested this challenge as his work is magnificent and so intricately painted. See his work here. My work is loose and much quicker to paint but I agreed! This is by no means a comparison between our work as we both have unique styles and work in totally different mediums, but I must say, I was touched that he was subtly giving me a boost and encouraging me to paint. Robbie has been so supportive and really been such a thoughtful friend when I lost the motivation. I have come to realise that online art friends are so very valuable and are the best critiques.

Here is my attempt at my elephant. It is far from perfect but I managed to find the inspiration I needed. 

Gentle Giant  (best viewed large)

I have an idea to do a larger version of this and develop this painting further. Looking forward to seeing Robbie's elephant and will post it here when he has completed his painting.

On this note, I would like to also extend my warm thanks to all my blogger friends who have taken the time to leave a comments to my work. Hope to keep up the motivation and be inspired to paint (hopefully one a day) with the love and encouragement I have received on my blog.

Till next time...... Have a great week!