Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Done and Dusted

Why is it that some artists do not feel brave when choosing painting submissions for a juried exhibition. I find this the most daunting and nerve-wrecking part of painting, I'm so critical of my own work, as most artist are and can never decide which one to submit!!! Choice of subject is also a factor I believe, if you choose an exciting subject and one hopefully that the judges can relate to, then half the battle is won. The last two months have seen me feverishly painting for the upcoming 85th National Watercolour Exhibition, but not all of them were (in my eyes) good enough. I put myself under such pressure trying to paint 'thee' best paintings and end up being disappointed, specially when I have left it to the last minute. But supposedly, that is my own fault as I dabble too often in smaller sketches and studies and not expanding myself and pushing the boundaries. I don't spend enough time painting larger completed paintings.

Much to my surprise this morning, I was informed that all three of my paintings were selected. Two of which I thought were mediocre and one of those I had no hope for.... Time forced me to make a choice which thankfully worked in my favour. Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon and I'm slowly getting closer to my associateship with all my submissions.

I can't wait to take my paintings to the framers now,  ready to be hung for the exhibition.

Here is a sneak preview of the paintings........