Monday, May 3, 2010

Indian Cooking Demo's - In time for winter!!!!!

A friend is about to start a couple of real authentic Indian cooking demo's. All sound absolutely mouthwatering! .If you are interested.... please call the number listed below to book.

I have begun this new and exciting venture and would like to tell you all about it...

Authentic Indian Cooking Demonstrations
Chef Naz

Come and learn how to prepare authentic Indian dishes.
Presented in a professional demonstration kitchen
Conveniently located in Rockvale Estate, Lonehill.
Ample safe parking available.

May 2010 Demonstrations:

6th May
Traditional Chicken Biryani. Chicken marinated in yoghurt, saffron and fragrant spices, served layered with Basmati rice.  Indian meals are traditionally begun with something sweet. Jarda, sweet rice prepared with saffron, almonds and dates.

13th May
Soft, sweet vermicilli, fragrant cinnamon and pistachio nuts. Roasted chicken marinated in garlic, red chilli and lemon accompanied by spicy potato and Roti.

20th  May
Kalya, chicken marinated in yoghurt, red chilli and spices. Accompanied by  Puri, fried Indian ‘bread’. Ghaas, rose and cardamom flavoured milk jelly made with agar agar, a gelatine of vegetable origin.

27th  May
Lamb curry with a thick, spicy and delicious gravy accompanied by Roti made on a traditional Indian ‘tava’. Sweet Soji halwa, cream of wheat prepared with saffron, cinnamon and cardamom and toasted alomonds.

Classes start promptly at 06:30. Approx 2 & a half  hour duration

Learn the specialized techniques acquired through several generations
Simple to understand and easy to replicate

Chef Nazerit Essack has trained internationally as a professional chef for the last 20 years. She is currently lecturing at one of the leading chef’s schools in the country.

PHONE TODAY to confirm availability as space is limited.
072 582 9273