Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Fair Cape

Feeling a bit nostalgic of late, my mind takes me to the Cape where my eldest son is studying at University. I'm feeling the maternal tug of separation and find myself missing my son terribly lately, although I think he is very happy to be 1400 km's away from home right now. Which university student wouldn't be? Campus life is armed with wonderful opportunities for young people where independence and joyous carefree spirits converge. But my heartstrings which for 18 years so lovingly enveloped a child are being twitched and I am drawn to wanting to be near my son. I have the urge to be in (his) space right now, possibly just to feel a connection and believe I'm right there with him.

This brings me to the 3 watercolours I painted. They are painted from photo's I took when I was down in Cape Town in January settling my son into University.
This is the start of the forest below Devil's Peak on the road up to Rhodes Memorial. The mist lay heavily over Table Mountain that day and just a hint of the base of the mountain was visible through the pines. Rhodes Memorial looks directly over the University of Cape Town. The views from here are spectacular and you can see fore miles.

A quick sketch of Cecil John Rhodes. This is the statue at the Rhodes Monument to honour the British colonist come mining magnet and Statesman who forged world trade into Africa. Founder of Rhodesia now Zimbabwe and funded the Rhodes Scholarship. I like to believe he is watching over my son from his perch up on the slopes of Devil's Peak, giving him the resolve to achieve his goal at UCT.

Another quick sunset sketch of the view of the mystical Table Mountain in Cape Town looking from Bloubergstrand. Devil's peak is not too clearly portrayed here but it's the bulge on the left hand side of Table Mountain. Lion's head and Signal hill lie to the right. The sunsets are awe inspiring and many tourist has marvelled at the spender of The Cape and her rich beauty.

"Few world cities can compete with the natural backdrop of Cape Town. This beautiful city sits below the immense bulk of Table Mountain, is fringed by gorgeous beaches and cushioned by productive vineyards. But really all it takes is a ride up the mountain in Cape Town's iconic cable car and you'll understand why the city is so high on our list of places to see before you die."  Avril Field