Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunshine Award


I'm Honoured to be receiving this Sunshine Award from Jane Minter of Jane Minter's Sketchbook.What a lovely surprise. Thank you Jane!

As a nominee of this Award, I have to follow the rules by choosing 12 artists or blogs I think deserve to have a bit of sunshine too, 12 blogs I admire and enjoy following. Please take time to view their amazing work. I know of many more inspiring painting friends whom I follow and would love to share their work with you, but the rules are only 12.

The rules for accepting this award are simply to:

1. Post the Sunshine Award logo on your blog, on your post or both.
2. Pass this onto 12 bloggers who you admire.
3. Inform them of the award.
4. Link the person who awarded you in the first place.



Maree said...

Thank you so much for the Sunshine Award Debbie! When I received the Sunshine Award from Marie Theron last week, you were on my list of 12 inspirational bloggers, so I passed in on to you as well! Double dose, you deserve it! Regards

Cathy Gatland said...

Debbie, thanks for this Sunshine Award, I am honoured and its a lovely bit of brightness after a rather unsettling time! I enjoyed looking over your blog - I see you're going to the Hazel Soan's workshop - I'll see you there!

Debbie said...

Thanks Maree, It was a pleasure adding you to my list of 12..... Funny! I got no notification of your Award. 'Lost in the post' no doubt!

Debbie said...

Hi Cathy.... That's wonderful news abut you attending Hazel Soan... will you be going to the Jo'burg Workshop or the lowveld one? The internet is a wonderful communication tool sometimes...... and you are very welcome and deserving of receiving the award.

Melissa Fischer said...

Thank you so much, Debbie! You are certainly an inspiration to me, both with your paintings and your photographs, as well as your enthusiasm as a person. I so wish we could meet!

I'm so jealous you're going to a Hazel Soan workshop. Please tell her hello from the person she met in the North Carolina airport.