Friday, February 19, 2010

My Garden is my Sactuary

Finding my muse at the moment and not being able to get into the swing of things...... so, to treat myself I took 6 paintings to the framers on Monday..... just because I wanted to see my work enhanced by frames and not just lying around getting grubby, also I thought it might give me the inspiration to paint something worth sending to the framers and.........just because I can!!!

So unfortunately dear friends, all I have to offer today is a study of an Amaryllis flower which flowered so beautifully for me earlier this year.It's the most glorious pink - one which isn't in my paintbox. That was the challenge - trying to find the right colour to portray this beautiful flower. I think I have made a lovely pink using Quin. Magenta and a touch of Indian Yellow. This is a study for a larger painting I'm thinking of painting....... this is minus a preliminary sketch, on really crappy paper. I have a lovely piece of Archers I want to do this on!

Amaryllis Study


Melissa Fischer said...

I like the light on the stem and petals. Very nice pink you made.

I'm just doing lots of sketches now, too. Not inspired to try and do a finished painting, so having a lot of fun aiming for the bin. Just posted a bunch of sketches on my blog since sometimes that gets me going again, then came here and see you did the same. :)

jane minter said...

...wonderful sketch debbie ... like the pink ....sounds a good idea to treat yourself ...hope it helps how you feel at the moment ...are you framing the faces? ... know it will change


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for the Sunshine Award! I an honored and will put a link to you on my blog tomorrow.

I love your ink and watercolor sketches, they always look so artistic.