Sunday, March 7, 2010

True reflection.

On Looking closely at the painting of my Impala's Soul on my screen, I  was drawn to his eye, I noticed that his eye had a bit of magic in it. Although this painting was a little too detailed and tight for what I had set out to do, I was so excited to see what had appeared in the reflections of his eye. If you look closely, you are able to see the blue sky and some distant shrubs and bushes.

This made me stop for a moment and contemplate what my dear impala was looking at. Was it his alert instinctive nature that was just searching into the distance or had he seen something that caught his astute eye and was alerted to danger? That's the life of an antelope unfortunately... always on its guard! Hence the quote in my earlier post.

Whether in a painting or in real life, the eye speaks volumes. This eye is saying so much to me somehow and  although a bit tight for me, I love this painting and I feel a connection to it in so many ways.


Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!


Kaylyn said...

there is a whole landscape or even universe in that eye. well done!

Beautiful work all around.

Debbie said...

Kaylyn, you have made my day!!!! I'm so glad you saw what I saw when I enlarged the photo. Isn't it strange that one can't pick up theses magical details with the naked eye!!!
I appreciate you popping in! Thank you!

Kaylyn said...

I keep making people's days. I like that! Thing is it comes back to me in kind!

When my daughter was a sophomore in HS she did the usual shoe drawing in art class that I think every HS art student does. She said she thought it was pretty good and wanted me to look at with her on parent's night. While her marvelous teacher and she were trying to tell me how nice the whole drawing was, I zeroed in on the shoelace holes. Looking at them very closely, there was, I said, an entire universe hiding in those 1/4" circles that she had rendered with exquisite care. That actually taught me a lot...those tiny areas that can become abstract studies all on there own that few people really see.

"God is in the details" Mies van der Rohe.