Saturday, January 16, 2010

Face in the Shadows II

I should have painted this whilst working on the other Face in the Shadows. I wanted to create another painting to compliment the first one, but it went horribly wrong..... I think I was trying too hard to get the mystical background to match the first painting. I ended up overworking the background and the top section of her head should not have been so pronounced but should have just faded away into the background. She does not look like she is coming out of the shadows at all! Oh Well! Thought I'd add this in just to show you that I did try and do a follow-up! I do like the way her face turned out though as I did not use a preliminary sketch as a guide.

I am enjoying my painting at the moment and have a mountain of subjects to try and experiment with. But that I'll will be tomorrow's task.

Till then..................


Melissa Fischer said...

I can see why this isn't what you were aiming for, given your other painting, but this one is very nce in its own right. She looks like she is happily coming through a doorway of hanging streamers, and she has a kind, happy look of anticipation.

jane minter said...

hi debbie ..keep painting these faces ..this is so close to what you wanted to achieve.... love the blue