Thursday, October 29, 2009


I took some lovely photo's of wildlife when I was away last week.. one being a Zebra.....Got my blacks by mixing copious amounts of UMB and B Sienna so I wouldn't run out of my (black) shade. This guy had lovely white eyelashes, which is not always the case. Done on Waterfords watercolour paper 27x38cm. No initial pencil sketch just went in with paint!


jane minter said...

you trip must have been so inspiring debbie .. this looks stunning

Debbie said...

Thank you Jane... I have not stopped painting since I got back.... took over 1000 photos!!!! Painting lions, hornbills,wild dog and more!

fazrul arhan said...

This is great Debbie! You make it so real that i like it so really a soft color..i admire your work.