Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Venice Afternoon.... amended

After looking at this painting on the screen, I could see something was missing. I have gone and done some amendments on it which have helped a bit.

The blue wall above the middle doorway was really bugging me as well as the tone of the water. I added a window to the blue wall and created a balcony. I also darkened the water a bit more with Cobalt Turquoise. Hope this does the trick and makes it more balanced.

BTW.... this is the first Architectural watercolour I have done. Painting buildings have always scared me!!!!!!


jane minter said...

... hi debbie think the initial wash has created a beautiful atmosphere ....hope to paint one day in venice with you !

Debbie said...

Jane, it was a wash I did at Jean's workshop. The colour washes were a bit on the bright side, but created a lovely atmosphere! Looking forward to that day too! Thank you Jane!