Friday, February 19, 2010

My Garden is my Sactuary

Finding my muse at the moment and not being able to get into the swing of things...... so, to treat myself I took 6 paintings to the framers on Monday..... just because I wanted to see my work enhanced by frames and not just lying around getting grubby, also I thought it might give me the inspiration to paint something worth sending to the framers and.........just because I can!!!

So unfortunately dear friends, all I have to offer today is a study of an Amaryllis flower which flowered so beautifully for me earlier this year.It's the most glorious pink - one which isn't in my paintbox. That was the challenge - trying to find the right colour to portray this beautiful flower. I think I have made a lovely pink using Quin. Magenta and a touch of Indian Yellow. This is a study for a larger painting I'm thinking of painting....... this is minus a preliminary sketch, on really crappy paper. I have a lovely piece of Archers I want to do this on!

Amaryllis Study