Friday, October 30, 2009

To Market

I have painted this mother and child before but added a different background. I took this photo when I was in Mozambique and was intrigued by the way these busy woman work all morning on the shore-line catching shrimp, crab, and small delicacies to sell at the market. The whole time keeping their babies fastened to their backs.

Naughty Twins

A sketch I did a while ago trying desperately to be loose.Think I achieved that but lost the dimensions of the one ellie's face. Just went in with the brush, no initial sketching. Would love to recreate this sketch as the two elephant have such a mischievous look to them.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I took some lovely photo's of wildlife when I was away last week.. one being a Zebra.....Got my blacks by mixing copious amounts of UMB and B Sienna so I wouldn't run out of my (black) shade. This guy had lovely white eyelashes, which is not always the case. Done on Waterfords watercolour paper 27x38cm. No initial pencil sketch just went in with paint!


I quietly painted this the other day... we have just had our flush of different aloes flowering up the driveway to our house..... this is one which is quite botanical to my eye.... not sure if it needs a bit of a back-ground colour which will give it that edge!! Any suggestions.....?